Welcome to the
land of Mythical!

Mythical Party is a party game where each player turns into a mythically themed boss for a single round and defeats their friends.

Where epic clashes turns into fun memories with your friends!

Our main goal is to expand our game into a community driven project where people get a say in our development and choose the upcoming bosses. We want to keep updating the game and increasing the number of bosses according to community votes and creating an environment where people are anxiously waiting for the next unique boss.

become A Mythical

Every round one player becomes the Boss!

Raiders Assemble!

Raiders will have to cooperate in order to beat the indomitable Mythical boss.


People's Choice

Currently Mythical Party is a developing party game where each player in a lobby turns into a boss for a single round and battle the rest of the players known as raiders. We hope to serve diverse gameplay for each boss and think that we have done that with our first three bosses that are coming out with our demo.


Our theme is mythology and we aim to implement different cultures into our game through these bosses that are based on real mythologic and folkloric creatures. We want to give the choice of which culture the next boss will be based on to the people through votes and pledges.


We want to elevate our game further with enriching and ever expanding lore. Thanks to increasing number of insane characters and our mythology theme we will be able constantly work on our lore-building.


Winning isn’t just about surviving a single round; it’s about contributing to the epic saga of the entire game. Parameters like damage dealt, bosses defeated, and landing the first hit determine your success.

Stay Updated with Developments!

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